"Happiness cannot be sought directly; it is a byproduct of love and service."

— Twenty-Four Hours a Day

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"I’ve had to realize that refusing to take my depression medication is just as much a misuse of self-will as reaching for a drink."

— Anonymous

mucker-fother said: So glad there's another 12-step recovery blog on here! I'm in Overeaters Anonymous. My recovery blog is recoverfromhate. It's gonna be great following you so I can be reminded of my steps. :)

Thanks! I’ve only heard good things about OA.

"If I keep doing what I always did, I will get what I always got."

— Anonymous

"The truth is the truth. And the truth is we need each other."

— Anonymous

"If you have to ask, “Am I an alcoholic?” you have already answered your own question."

— Anonymous

Anonymous said: How long were you around the rooms before you got a sponsor and actually made an effort to work the steps? And do you still call them today? And if you sponsor people, how long before you started to sponsor?

I came around the rooms a few times before my present sobriety. I didn’t get a sponsor, didn’t work the steps, and threw my first white chip out the car window on the way home from the liquor store. The fact is, I just hadn’t suffered enough to be willing to go to “any length.”

That changed when I almost died and subsequently went to a treatment center. I got a sponsor within a week or two of getting out. We started working the steps on the spot, and over a year later I still call him every day.

My sponsor had me start making myself available once I’d worked the ninth step. That was around 6-8 months. I have sponsored a few guys, but not for any length of time. (Two were treatment center kids who moved.) I’ve had several other people ask me to sponsor them, but then never call me. I understand because I know how it is. We all have to reach the point at which the pain of change is less than the pain of staying the same. And what that takes is different for everyone.


I used to think I was putting the “fun” in “functional alcoholic.” Now I see I was just putting the “dick” in “addiction.”

"This is a lifelong process of mending – not only the things I broke, but the things I haven’t finished building yet."

— Anonymous