"Why did AA work for me when religion never did? Because the instructions are so much simpler."

— Anonymous

mental-trillness said: so inspired by your blog and strength. I also am in recovery and attend meetings and study the Big Book. Alcoholics Anonymous was founded in my home state, Ohio! I now am helping other alcoholics and addicts. I work for a company called Recovery Society that helps people get into treatment. Can you please post this publicly so that those suffering can message me and I can help them help themselves? Thank you! much love xx

Ok. Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said: Is exhaustion typical of alcohol abstinence? I'm sleeping at night and then again in the late afternoons.

I am not a doctor, but my guess is that the excessive sleeping stems from depression, which you are now “treating” with sleep instead of booze.

Hang in there, get professional help, go to meetings, work with a sponsor. By starting to do these things and staying clean and sober one day at a time, you’ll be amazed at how much better you begin to feel!

"The definition of forgiveness is giving up all hope of a better past."

— Anonymous

"Life takes work—especially in sobriety."

— Anonymous

Anonymous said: im 16 and im an alcoholic. my depressions gotten so bad in the past month that ive been drinking every night (even when im alone) just because it takes all my thoughts away. i dont know what to do. i feel uncomfortable going to support groups so young.

I suggest trying to see a family doctor and/or talking to a counselor at school to discuss your drinking and the underlying depression. There are young people’s AA meetings where there will be less of an age gap for you, as well as online and phone meetings where no one will know your age at all. Check out aa.org, where you can get links, info and even read the AA book online.

Take it a day at a time. Don’t say you’ll never drink again, just that you won’t drink this day…this hour…this minute. Break it into manageable chunks.

The number one thing is not to go it alone. We alcoholics can talk ourselves into (or out of) just about anything!

Best of luck to you! I have dealt with depression since I was your age, and I know how hopeless it can be. But know that it can and will become better if you get help.

"Today is the tomorrow that you worried about yesterday."

— Anonymous

"Whatever or whoever you try to control ultimately controls you."
"F.E.A.R. — Forgetting Everything’s All Right"
"Coincidences are how God stays anonymous."